Care Weekly is the official journal of Caring and Ageing Re-imagined for Europe (CARE), an EIT Health Campus activity

Care Weekly represents a departure from traditional communication channels serving the various challenges facing a global aging population. Personalized medicine, precision medicine, person-centered health and wellbeing continue to be important themes for effective, efficient, and value-based healthcare. Yet, there is a growing need to communicate translational and multi-disciplinary research on the practice and delivery of care to serve academic, governmental, industry, health services, patient advocacy and general audiences.

The Journal facilitates conceptual linkages across a diversity of disciplines. Given the exponential increase in published biomedical, nursing and scientific literature, the inability to search, abstract, interpret and integrate knowledge over multiple disciplines is an enormous barrier hampering health literacy.

Many academic journals are disease specific, or research-method focused. These journals often present contrasting results that can be broadly inaccessible to different disciplines, the general public and key stakeholders. The struggle to establish conceptual linkages between various domains of knowledge—such as between medical science, nursing, physical science, social science, political science, economics and others— remains an important challenge. This “knowledge asymmetry” occurs between those in the research setting and the other stakeholders causing persistent ineffective communication. An overarching objective for published articles will be to communicate knowledge so that all members of the care continuum (i.e. policy makers, elderly, formal and informal care givers, public sector, entrepreneurs, etc.) may share outcomes and new ideas that lead to innovative and cost-effective population-based interventions.

Care Weekly will overcome this challenge by employing new media. The Journal will publish traditional articles for the rapid communication to a multidisciplinary research audience involving experimental, observational and qualitative methodologies. In addition, the Journal will publish on discovery of relevant care interventions, related therapeutic and technological development, nutrition, psychology and behavior, ratings, methods, procedures, analytical approaches, regulatory science, clinical research informatics, and other translational areas as they relate to clinical care, outcomes, and health policy.

Care Weekly will enhance the translation and distribution of evidence-based literature, best practices, guidelines, and studies through the use of innovative web-based media. The aim is to increase audience engagement by developing interactive community-driven platform, uniting all key stakeholders engaged in the process of improving the health and wellbeing on the elderly across the globe.  The Journal will provide the first open access journal that will target a large multi-disciplinary audience as well as the general population. Articles published will be written in a language understood and spoken by non-scientists and will be diligently evaluated, with respect to content, through a peer-review process by the editors and the editorial advisory board.