The Contents of the Journal of Frailty & Aging (JFA) vol. 8, n° 2, 2019 are available

Biology of Frailty

The Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid Cells-2 (TREM-2) as Expression of the Relationship between Microglia and Alzheimer’s Disease: A novel Marker for a Promising Pathway to Explore Gussago, M. Casati, E. Ferri, B. Arosio J Frailty Aging 2019;8(2):54-56

Physical Frailty

Longitudinal Changes in Muscle Mass and Function in Older Men at Increased Risk for Sarcopenia – The FrOST-Study Kemmler, S. von Stengel, D. Schoene J Frailty Aging 2019;8(2):57-61

The Association of ApoE E4 Status with Lower Limb Function and Handgrip Strength in Older Adults Maltais, P. de Souto Barreto, Y. Rolland, B. Vellas, for the MAPT/DSA Study Group J Frailty Aging 2019;8(2):62-66

Defining Frailty in Research Abstracts: a Systematic Review and Recommendations for Standardization Yaksic, V. Lecky, S. Sharnprapai, T. Tungkhar, K. Cho, J.A. Driver, A.R. Orkaby J Frailty Aging 2019;8(2):67-71

Psoas and Paraspinous Muscle Measurements on Computed Tomography Predict Mortality in European Americans with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus B.M. Tucker, F.C. Hsu, T.C. Register, J. Xu, S.C. Smith, M. Murea, D.W. Bowden, B.I. Freedman, L. Lenchik J Frailty Aging 2019;8(2):72-78

An Ultrasound Prediction Equation to Estimate DXA-Derived Body Fatness for Middle-Aged and Older Causasian Adults Abe, J.P. Loenneke, R.S. Thiebaud J Frailty Aging 2019;8(2):79-84

Predictive Ability of Seven Domains of the Kihon Checklist for Incident Dependency and Mortality Satake, H. Shimokata, K. Senda, I. Kondo, H. Arai, K. Toba J Frailty Aging 2019;8(2):85-87

Clinics and Public Health

Age of HIV Acquisition Affects the Risk of Multi-Morbidity After 25 years of Infection Exposure Guaraldi, A. Malagoli, J. Milic, I. Pintassilgo, E. Rossi, N. Riva, I. Franconi, A. Santoro, P. Sorin, A. Streinu-Cercel, M. De Rosa, C. Mussini J Frailty Aging 2019;8(2):88-92

Economic Impact of Hospitalizations in US Adults with Sarcopenia Goates, K. Du, M.B. Arensberg, T. Gaillard, J. Guralnik, S.L. Pereira J Frailty Aging 2019;8(2):93-99

Clinicals Trials 

Loss of Posterior Occluding Teeth and Its Association with Protein-Micronutrients Intake and Muscle Mass Among Thai Elders: A pilot Study B. Treesattayakul, T. Winuprasith, B. Theeranuluk, D. Trachootha J Frailty Aging 2019;8(2):100-103