Sarcopenia, the associated loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength and impaired physical function seen with aging, is a growing, global public health challenge in need of accepted, proven treatments that address the needs of a broad range of older adults.

While exercise, primarily resistance training, and increased dietary protein have been shown to delay and even reverse losses in muscle mass, strength and physical function seen with aging, proven treatments that are accessible globally, cost effective and sustainable by patients are needed. While no drug has yet demonstrated the substantial safety and clinical value needed to be the first pharmacological therapy registered for muscle wasting or sarcopenia, the field is active. Several approaches to treating the muscle loss and subsequent functional decline are being studied in a variety of patient populations across every continent. We provide a review of the leading programs and approaches and available findings from recent studies. In addition, we briefly discuss several related issues needed to facilitate the development of a safe and efficacious pharmacotherapeutic that could be used as part of a treatment plan for older men and women with sarcopenia.

  1. Rooks, R. Roubenoff JFA vol 8, 2019

Article D. Rooks