As of July 7, the United States has suffered the largest number of COVID-19 confirmed cases (2,980,906) and deaths (131,248) worldwide, representing roughly a quarter of all cases and deaths globally (1). According to the American Geriatrics Society, nursing home residents are among the most vulnerable to complications and death from COVID-19 and represent a particular challenge in diagnosis and infection control owing to the frequent absence of typical symptoms along with the highly contagious nature of the disease (2), even among asymptomatic patients (3). As of June 28, there have been 126,402 COVID-19 confirmed cases in nursing homes and 33,517 deaths with a fatality rate of 28% (4). Nursing home cases represent 4% of all COVID-19 cases in the US but 26% of deaths (33,509 of 131,248). Of the 1.3 million residents in 15,600 nursing homes, 9.7% have contracted COVID-19 by recent reporting. Two or more cases were experienced in 30.1% of the 14,577 reporting nursing homes, however, 129 facilities suffered 100 or more cases as of June 28. Overall, 5,522 (37.9%) had at least one infected resident (5). Here we report on a COVID-19 outbreak in a SNH and the results of our efforts to stem infection and improve resident outcome.

(1) R.J. Fischer Jour Nursing Home Res 2020;6:69-72


Article R. Fischer