An international group of experts on frailty and age-related muscle loss (sarcopenia) will convene in Barcelona, Spain, April 27 through 29, 2017 to explore the underlying mechanisms, possible interventions, and the development of tools to enable clinical trials for these disabling disorders of aging. The 2017 International Conference on Frailty and Sarcopenia Research (ICFSR2017), is co-sponsored by the Fundació Salut i Envelliment UAB, Barcelona, Spain; Toulouse Gérontopôle, Toulouse, France; and Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The organizing committee included Professors Antoni Salva (Barcelona, Spain), Leocadio Rodríguez-Mañas and Alfonso Cruz-Jentoft (Madrid, Spain), Roger Fielding (Boston, MA, USA), Marco Pahor (Gainesville, FL, USA), and Matteo Cesari and Bruno Vellas (Toulouse, France).

Press release 4-2017