While amyloid-targeting therapies continue to predominate in the Alzheimer’s disease (AD) drug development pipeline, there is increasing recognition that to effectively treat the disease it may be necessary to target other mechanisms and pathways as well. In December 2019, The EU/US CTAD Task Force discussed these alternative approaches to disease modification in AD, focusing on tau-targeting therapies, neurotrophin receptor modulation, anti-microbial strategies, and the innate immune response; as well as vascular approaches, aging, and non-pharmacological approaches such as lifestyle intervention strategies, photobiomodulation and neurostimulation. The Task Force proposed a general strategy to accelerate the development of alternative treatment approaches, which would include increased partnerships and collaborations, improved trial designs, and further exploration of combination therapy strategies.

(1)  S. Gauthier, P.S. Aisen, J. Cummings, M.J. Detke, F.M. Longo, R. Raman, M. Sabbagh, L. Schneider, R. Tanzi, P. Tariot, M. Weiner, J. Touchon, B.Vellas and the EU/US CTAD Task Force*

Article S. Gauthier