Austria currently counts 8.84 Million inhabitants, 18.8% of the population being older than 65 years. Given the current demographic trends it is assumed that by 2040 the proportion of citizens older than 65 years will increase to 26.3% and 29.3% by 2080 (1). The population over 85 years is assumed to increase even greater, with a growth by 80.9% (from 225,000 citizens in 2018 to 407,000 citizens in 2040) within the next 20 years, representing 4.3% of the total population

(1) R. Roller-Wirnsberger, S. Lindner, A. Matijevic, E. Stolz, G. Wirnsberger Jour Nursing Home Res 2020;6:50-52

Article R. Roller-Wirnsberger