• MDS 2.0 and European Nursing Homes. Bernabei, Roma (Italy), Direttore Dipartimento per l’Assistenza Sanitaria di Geriatria, Neuroscienze e Ortopedia Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Roma – Italia
  • Nursing Home Research: The French Experience. Yves Rolland, Toulouse (France), Professor of Geriatrics in the University of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier; Researcher at the Gérontopôle of Toulouse France
  • Dissemination and Research in Long Term Care. Barbara Resnick, Baltimore (USA), Professor, Sonya Ziporkin Gershowitz Chair in Gerontology, University of Maryland, School of Nursing, 655 West Lombard Street Room 390 Baltimore, MD USA
  • Long-Term Care. John Morley, Saint Louis (USA), M.B. B.Ch Professor & Division, Chief Division of Geriatric Medicine Department of Internal Medicine, St. Louis, MO USA

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