Profit maximization is a significant factor affecting adherence to adequate staffing standards and actual staffing levels of nursing staff in many nursing homes in the United States. Studies have shown that inadequate nurse staffing is worse in the for-profit than not-for-profit nursing homes and, is adversely affecting resident care outcomes. The purpose of this report is to examine the literature and establish the impact of profit maximization on nurse staffing with a focus on the differences between for-profit, not-for-profit, and religiousbased nursing homes in the United States. Databases such as CINAHL Plus, Business Source Complete, Medline Complete, Academic Search Complete, ProQuest Nursing, Allied Health Source, and Google Scholar were used as sources for information collection. Compared to other types of nursing homes, findings showed that forprofit nursing homes are doing better financially but worse on care outcomes. It is important that nursing homes regulators enforce strict adherence to staffing standards for optimal quality of care outcomes.

(1) O.O. Omotowa, L.C. Hussey Jour Nursing Home Res 2019;5:21-23

Article O. Omotowa