Team members influence the mealtime experience of residents. Their perspectives on their ability to provide resident- and relationship-centred care during mealtimes is limited. The aim of this study was to describe the development and determine the factor structure and internal and test-retest reliability of the Team member Mealtime Experience Questionnaire (TMEQ). A 23-item questionnaire was developed through several steps. A Likert scale of strongly disagree (score= 1) to strongly agree (score= 5) was used. A total of 137 team members from five diverse homes participated. Time and task-focused items had lower scores (indicating more negative perceptions), whereas knowledge and capability of how to provide resident- and relationship-centred mealtime care had higher scores. Exploratory factor analysis identified three factors; four items were eliminated based on this analysis. Test-retest reliability was completed with 103 participants. Intraclass correlation (ICC) for the total score and three subscales ranged from 0.72 -0.85 while Chronbach’s alpha ranged from 0.81-0.92. The 19-item TMEQ is considered reliable for use in research and practice.

(1) H.H. Keller, V. Vucea, J. Morrison-Koechl

Article H. Keller