Self-administered computerized cognitive testing could effectively monitor older individuals at-risk for cognitive decline at home. In this study, we tested the feasibility and reliability of 3 tablet-based executive functioning measures and an executive composite score in a sample of 30 older adults (age 80±6) with high multimorbidity. The tests were examineradministered at baseline and then self-administered by the participants at home across 2 subsequent days. Eight of the participants reported no prior experience with touchscreen technology. Twenty-seven participants completed both selfadministered assessments, and 28 completed at least one. Cronbach’s alpha (individual tests: .87-.89, composite: .93) and correlations between examiner-administered and selfadministered performances (individual tests: .72-.91, composite: .93) were high. The participants who had never used a smartphone or a tablet computer showed comparable consistency. Remote self-administered tablet-based testing in older adults at-risk for cognitive decline is feasible and reliable, even among participants without prior technology experience.

E. Tsoy, K.L. Possin, N. Thompson, K. Patel, S.K. Garrigues, I. Maravilla, S.J. Erlhoff, C.S. Ritchie J Prev Alz Dis 2020; in press

Article E. Tsoy