Aging is the most important risk factor for the onset of several chronic diseases and functional decline. Understanding the interplays between biological aging and the biology of diseases and functional loss as well as integrating a function-centered approach to the care pathway of older adults are crucial steps towards the elaboration of preventive strategies (both pharmacological and non-pharmacological) against the onset and severity of burdensome chronic conditions during aging. In order to tackle these two crucial challenges, ie, how both the manipulation of biological aging and the implementation of a function-centered care pathway (the Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE) model of the World Health Organization) may contribute to the trajectories of healthy aging, a new initiative on Gerosciences was built: the INSPIRE research program. The present article describes the scientific background on which the foundations of the INSPIRE program have been constructed and provides the general lines of this initiative that involves researchers from basic and translational science, clinical gerontology, geriatrics and primary care, and public health.

(1) P. De Souto BarretoARRETO, S. Guyonnet, I. Ader , S. Andrieu, L. Casteilla , N. Davezac , C. Dray , N. Fazilleau, P. Gourdy, R. Liblau , A. Parini , P. Payou , L. Pénicaud , C. Rampon, Y. Rolland, P. VAalet , N. Vergnolle, B. Vellas for the INSPIRE program group  J Frailty Aging 2020;in press

Article The Inspire Research Initiative (P De Souto Barreto)