For W.H.O Healthy Aging is not a life without diseases (disease can happen at any age) but “Healthy Ageing is the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age.”   However, our health care systems are not organized to maintain people’s Intrinsic Capacities (I.C); over their lifetimes, but to identify and treat acute episodes of illness (1).

Changing the emphasis of health care systems from focusing on acute and diseases conditions to promoting integrated care that will result in Healthy Ageing is urgently needed. W.H.O defines intrinsic capacity as the combination of the individual’s physical and mental – including psychosocial – capacities, and functional. The W.H.O program identify 5 Intrinsic capacities (fig 1): Mobility, Cognition, Vitality, -Psycho-social, neuro-sensorial: Vision, Earing.

Because healthy ageing depends on an individual’s intrinsic capacity (IC), on the environment, and the interactions between them, a focus on IC has the potential to design interventions for improving the health of individuals. Inability to undertake various ADLs without the assistance of others can happen as a result of a significant loss of intrinsic capacity. Taking a life course approach, the WHO model of Healthy Ageing points out that this period of significant loss of capacity in old age is most often preceded by some early decline.

We can   maintain  functions with aging by 3 different steps: a.Increase intrinsic capacity  reserves in early aging (45-70 yrs); b. Preserve cognitive functions in late aging (70 yrs +); c. Restore cognitive functions when needed

With such program the W.H.O aims to decrease by 15 millions the number of dependent older adults by 2025 fig 2


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